Daniella Whyte

Be the Light for Somebody Else

Unfortunately, our world is filled with a great deal of sadness, hurt, pain, and death. We don’t have to live long or look far to realize that we are not living in a perfect world. People hurt on the inside and the outside. Some grieve openly while others choose to grieve privately. Some people see the world through dark colored lens while others are unable to see the world at all. Through no fault of their own, many children are born into poverty, illiteracy, war, and violence. They know no other world but the one they have lived in all their lives.

We never know what people are really going through in life. The human mind and soul have a deep ability to hide pain. But we also have a deep strength that helps us to overcome the difficult parts of life. Often, we judge people by what we see without taking the time to realize who they really are. Our one-sided view of our own lives can fatally blind us to the hurt and injustice that is perpetrated and felt by many people everyday.

If you, like me, have a place to stay, food to eat, and something to do in life, then we should be thankful. We are more blessed than we deserve. Many millions of people, far from us and not so far away, are not as fortunate to even have one meal for today. Therefore, it is our duty and responsibility to be concerned about those who are not as privileged as we are. We have a human obligation to be aware of the pain people are going through and to do what we can to help them cope. We have a right to be a light for somebody else.

If we would take a few moments to step outside of our world, we will see how much rain is pouring in somebody else’s world; we would see how much darkness surrounds somebody else’s; we would see where weakness seems to have overcome strength; we would see where injustice has taken hold. And instead of retreating to the comfort of our little worlds, we would move toward that rain with a rainbow, toward that darkness with light, toward that weakness with Heavenly strength, and toward that injustice with truth.

Perhaps, there would be less darkness if a few of us chose to shine a light. Perhaps, there would be less rain if we hung our rainbows a little higher. Perhaps, there would be peace, if we demanded an end to war and violence. Perhaps, we would all be strong, if we held one another up. What will you do today to make a difference for somebody else?


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