Daniella Whyte

Stand Up, Stand Out, Stand Firm

The world is made up of two types of people: those who stand for something and those who stand for nothing. Everyday, around the world, people lose their lives and risk their honor to stand up for what they believe in. No matter how many times challenges arise or how high the mountain is to climb, there are some strong people who simply stand up, stand out, and stand firm.

We’ve all been taught not to be a rebel, in other words, not to be stubborn. That advice should be heeded. But there are times when it is necessary for us to rebel against culture, against negativity, against the status quo, against everything that hinders us from progress and success. There are times when we should stubbornly stand for what we believe to be right.

I love how the prophets of the Old Testament often had to stand up for God, stand out from the crowd, and stand firm on the truth they had received. Likewise, men and women throughout history, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Rosa Parks, had to do the same. We would do well to follow this path of life. We do not have to compromise or agree with other people. It is up to us to make a choice that we will make a difference in the world, not matter how unpopular it is.

When we choose to stand up for our beliefs, for ourselves, and for one another, we defy the easy flow of the river. It’s not easy to stand up. In a world that is divided along religious, political, social, and moral lines, it will be most difficult to force the current to go another way. But if we are to make a difference and have any impact on the world, we must choose to stand up.

When we choose to stand out, we let it be known that we are different. Being different is part of what makes the world colorful and exciting to live in. Being different does not mean that we are any more or any less than other people. But it does mean that we have looked within ourselves, decided what our core values are, made a choice as to who we will be and what we will do, and are firmly on the path to doing that.

When we choose to stand firm we are unwavering in our devotion to what we believe. Nothing can hinder a person who has his or her mind made up to do what they are called to do. People who are firmly in place, have marching orders to go in a certain direction. The people behind them will either talk about them or join with them. But to the person who has his or her mind made up it matters not what other people do.

The world will move forward or backward based upon the decisions that people make. If we sit down, sit in, and sit softly, we will never reach our full potential. God made all of us to be strong and to live our lives with purpose, power, and passion. God made us to make a difference in the world. If we fail to stand, we have no right to criticize when things go wrong. When we stand for the right things, we give ourselves those behind us, and those around us who cannot or will not stand themselves, hope.

Will you Stand Up? Will you Stand Out? Will you Stand Firm?

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