Daniella Whyte

Do Your Dreams Scare You?

Everybody has dreams, or at least a dream, about what they want to do or be in life. Even little children dream about what they will be when they ‘grow up’. God gave us the ability to dream and also the will to make those dreams come to pass.

Some people, however, dream too small. They confine their dreams to their present circumstances or to what they are going through at a certain moment. Small dreams only come to pass in small ways. If you ever want to go somewhere, you have to be willing to do what is necessary to get there. You don’t completely give up on a road trip from Los Angeles to New York when your car breaks down in Arizona. No, you get the car fixed and you keep going.

Small dreamers don’t allow themselves to take risks or allow themselves to grow. To them, failure is the end of the world. If someone says something negative about them, they dwell on that forever. If you dream small, you either really don’t want your dream to come to pass or you don’t have faith that it will.

People who dream big have the faith in God and in themselves that what they want to happen will happen no matter what. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said, “If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough.” Big dreams will scare you. They will scare you in the sense that they will surprise you that you even had the mind to dream of such things. Whatever you can dream up, you can accomplish. Refuse to dream small. You only get one life to live, so live it fully and purposefully. Make no excuses. Take as many risks as you can. Set your goals and believe you can reach them. Dream so big that your dreams scare you.

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