Daniella Whyte

Just Stop It

Nike’s company slogan is “Just do it!” I think it’s a great slogan to have and something which we can apply to our lives. Nothing will be done unless we just do it.

Our parents, teachers, pastor, and mentors often tell us the things we should do to advance, to make better grades, to grow, or to be the best. All these things are good and should be taken heed to. Rarely, however, do we find someone who will tell us to stop doing some things that are causing to go backwards or remain stagnant, to make poor decisions, or to lack determination to succeed. Habits are formed over time, but habits can also be broken with a simple choice.

As much as I like Nike’s slogan, I think there’s another three-word phrase that we should adopt for our lives – Just stop it! There are some things we should just do, but there are also some things that we should just stop. Here we go:

1. Just stop complaining about everything. Some things are good and some things are bad, but for all of it, we should be thankful.

2. Just stop blaming other people for your problems. Nobody can hurt you or hinder you unless you let them.

3. Just stop being selfish with your blessings. You’re blessed so you can bless someone else.

4. Just stop hanging with the wrong people and then getting mad when they hurt you.

5. Just stop hating people. Hate shows how small you are compared to those who choose to love.

6. Just stop living below your purpose, but living above your means.

7. Just stop comparing yourself to other people. Most people are not even thinking about you, much less, trying to be like you or trying to get what you have.

8. Just stop thinking you’re perfect. If you’ve been living for a little while, you’ll know that you are far from it.

9. Just stop hating on other people’s success. Doing this is a sure way to failure.

10. Just stop worrying and fretting about things you can’t control. If God woke you up this morning, then He can handle whatever you have to deal with.

11. Just stop being bitter, angry, resentful, and frustrated. Being that way only hurts you and no one else.

12. Just stop lying to yourself and to other people. It does not advance you and people already have your number anyway.

13. Just stop listening to the lies of others. People who lie to you, like telling you you look good in a hot red dress when you don’t, can’t be trusted.

14. Just stop looking for the affirmation and approval of other people. Look inside at your own heart and soul and you will find all the approval and affirmation you need.

15. Just stop starting stuff and not finishing it. That’s what quitters and losers do.

16. Just stop gravitating to all that is bad, but pushing away all that is good. Allow good things and good people into your life.

17. Just stop thinking and talking negatively. The sun shines for a reason. Be positive.

18. Just stop gossiping. The world does not need to hear all your business and all the business you heard from other people.

19. Just stop thinking you are more powerful than God. God has control and power over everything in the world, and He will never leave you nor forsake you.

20. Just stop doing all the things you do that you know you shouldn’t do.

What do you need to just stop doing in your life?

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