Daniella Whyte

10 Reasons Why Good Friday Is So Good

1. Good Friday is so good because it teaches us how to love. Love is one of the greatest forces in the world. Nothing is made more evident and more real to us than Jesus death on the cross. Jesus showed His love, He prove His love, not just with words, but with actions. By Jesus’ example of unconditional love for us, He indirectly showed us how to love one another.

2. Good Friday is so good because Jesus Christ showed what it means to sacrifice. Sacrifice means something that is given up or surrendered for the sake of something else. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice when He gave up His life for our sake so we could have the hope of eternal life. Isn’t it great to know that we have a Heavenly Father who is selfless in sacrifice?

3. Good Friday is so good because Jesus made new life possible. Jesus died so that we might live. When He stretched out His arms, allowed the soldier to pierce His side, took the vinegar and gall, Jesus pushed the limits of suffering to make new life possible for all of us.

4. Good Friday is so good because Jesus proved what it means to be a burden bearer. When Jesus put the cross on His back to make the cruel trip to Golgatha, He took all the sin and guilt of the entire world with Him. When the cross was raised on that fateful day, Jesus raised all our sins with Him. He proved what it really means to bear a burden that we could not bear and pay a debt that we could not pay.

5. Good Friday is so good because Jesus showed us the importance of finishing what we start. The last word of Jesus on the cross was “It is finished.” What a short, powerful statement that is. These last words closed out the earthly life of Jesus Christ. He had done what He came to do. His mark was made, His legacy was sealed, Jesus finished His job on earth. Will we live in such a way and do what God has given us to do in such a way, that at the end of our lives, we can say like Christ, “It is finished?” Thank God, Jesus Christ is not still being crucified, but that it is done; signed, sealed, and delivered.

6. Good Friday is so good because it helps us to endure darkness in a whole new light. We all have dark periods in our lives. We all endure times when the money is low, the debts are high, family has grown cold, friends are lying on us and to us, sickness is racking our bodies, and we can’t see the end of the tunnel. But in light of the darkest day on earth, Jesus’ death gives us hope that there is always light after darkness. When Jesus is in view, the dark times in our lives will always be overridden by His light. He got through the darkest day on earth; we can get through our dark days too.

7. Good Friday is so good because it is filled with promises. The death of Jesus Christ promises several things: new life, hope, peace, joy, everlasting access to God the Father, love, and a perfect place called Heaven. In His death, He promised a brighter day to come for the world. When the curtain tore in the Temple and the earthquake shook the region, Jesus’ promise of salvation and forgiveness was fulfilled.

8. Good Friday is so good because it shows that death is not the end of life. Jesus’ resurrection make death seem obscure and meaningless. Death was not the end of life for Jesus and it is not the end of life for those who follow Him. Life in Christ will win the victory over death every time.

9. Good Friday is so good because Jesus overcame. Jesus overcame sin, hell, evil, wickedness, guilt, shame, hurt, pain, trouble, and heartache when He died on the Christ. He let nothing get past His sacrifice for us. Everything that we would ever have to face in life, Jesus Christ faced it at the cross.

10. Good Friday is so good because Jesus made a way for us to overcome. If Jesus never died, life would be unbearable for many of us. But because Jesus died and conquered death, He made it possible for us to overcome as well. So when life gets tough, people disappoint, money runs low, children get sick, and loved ones die, we know that we can overcome because Jesus overcame for us.

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