Daniella Whyte

Life in the Key of G

Music is a powerful force in the world. From the lyrics to the beat, music has been used in every facet of life. At weddings, graduations, inaugurations, celebrations, and funerals, music helps to set the mood of our lives. Piercing through all times in history, music is like an arrow that shoots straight to our hearts. It evokes emotion, it calls for action, it inspires courage, bravery, and hope. It can lift us when we’re sad, heal us when we’re hurt, comfort us when we grieve, and celebrate when we’re happy.

One of the amazing things about music is that every single song or musical piece that has ever been written has been written from just seven letters – A, B, C, D, E, F, G. From Bach, to Beethoven, to the Beatles, to the Temptations, to Michael Jackson, to Madonna, to Bono, to Aretha Franklin, to Jay-Z, to Adele, every song has been written from these seven letters. From these seven letters, we have pop, rock, gospel, R&B, jazz, reggae, classical, country, and blues. What a massive variety from just a few letters of the alphabet.

Life is a lot like music. It is amazing how many things can happen, how many goals can be reached, how many mountains can be climbed, if we would simply use the little that we have in front of us. Everything that has grown into something big first came from something small. A giant oak tree first started with a few small seeds. A narrow cocoon soon turns into a beautiful butterfly. A precious child grows into a responsible adult.

You can’t go big until you start small. Don’t despise the small stuff. Small stuff is what helps us grow. Learn to create the musical track of your life by setting goals for yourself. Many people are so concerned about what other people think of them that they fail to live their life. Find your musical key. Get into your element. Shine your light right where you are. Inspire the people around you.

Everyone has to find their key and thrive there. Don’t live in anyone’s key and don’t let anyone live in yours. Like a musical piece, make your life dance to your own beat. What key is your life in?

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